The Top 5 Online Websites to Buy a Purse

So I have an obsession, with purses.

Every time I am in a store there's some kind of magic that pulls me towards them.
I own about 7 purses, and over a life time, probably have owned around 20...maybe more.

When I bought my last purse online it got me thinking about where i personally have bought purses that I enjoy, for a good price.

So here today, I have a post on my top five favorite places to buy a purse online.

I bought my last purse on here and of course silly me, I had put in the wrong house address. I really enjoyed there customer service and they really helped me when it came to putting in the correct address. The purses are very up to date and have a very wide selection.  Also, if you are not a member, your first item can be up to 50 percent off, I ordered a 60 dollar purse and received it for $25.00. Its insanely sturdy and its so perfect for my everyday wear and tear. I have owned my purse for up to 5 months now and its still clean and looks brand new. If you were wondering what purse i bought it was Gantt in the color Coffee.

I have bought 2 different purses from forever 21 in their store. Although I haven't bought any from their website, I do love the quality and style of their purses. I believe their online store has a lot more selection than in their store and from what I have heard, the selection is very stocked. A purse that I own now that I bought in their store was their Posh Quilted Satchel in the color cream.

I have bought way too many different things on Amazon, whether its a phone case or makeup, Amazon has everything. Although I have bought a defect purse one time, I don't recommend buying any purse from Hong Kong or China, as for the purse I bought, took 2 months to get here because of a delay and broke within a week because the strap was poorly made. I do recommend checking out designer purses on here. 99% of the purses you find designer are sold from the company, sometimes even at a cheaper price. I totally recommend Amazon to anyone who likes to price match an item in the store they are in to buy a cheaper purse.

Although I personally have never bought anything from here, my friends have. I hear that the purses are completely top notch and on trend, just looking at the purses you can tell they have a style for everyone.

This is probably the most expensive out of them all but I do believe this is a great place to buy super high end purses for a lower price. All the items are sold by the individual and they are completely top notch (as I'm eyeing this purse ) To me, boutique type stores are special, even though you are paying for a higher priced item, the quality is what you pay for, as well as the overall style.

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See you tomorrow with a DIY
love you all!

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