Prom 2014: Finding The Perfect Prom Dress

Hello my girls!

Long time no see! Seriously though I have been gone too long and tomorrow is the start of my Spring break!
I recently bought my prom dress at Macy's and of course I bought one that they don't sell online or any other store. I am here today to give you a few tips on picking the prefect dress without wasting all your money.

1. Choose a dress YOU feel great in.
You could listen to everyone else but if you don't feel good in the dress, than don't buy it. While I was shopping, I found a blue strapless dress at Jc Pennys that I liked but I didn't love it. My mom kept telling it looked beautiful on me but I personally didn't like it. Prom is about feeling like a princess so if you don't like it than I don't recommend giving in to what everyone else likes.

2. Research before you leave.
Make sure you know what your getting yourself into. Some places specialize in one of a kind dresses so the price is much more than normal.

3. Check out larger malls.
My local mall has a Macys and Jc Pennys but neither of them had average sizes, I could only find a really tiny size or a really large size. There also wasn't much selection. So we went to a much larger mall and I found my dream dress. Also be sure to check out Boutiques in the mall, they might have prom dresses as well.

4. Try and get your dress before everyone else.
Of course it is probably too late for this now but, be sure to get your dress early. Last year at prom, I got mine late so not only was there not many dresses left, but I still had to get my dress altered. It took a month to get my dress and that was cutting it really close to the day of prom. BTW, make sure your dress gets altered. Even if you are a prefect size, there will always be a small flaw.

5. Have a budget.
Make sure you have a budget. Since this is my Junior prom, my budget was under $200. Although, my senior year it will be more important so my budget will go up.

Hope this helped any of you looking for a prom dress.
I bet you are all wondering what mine looks like so here is a few pictures.

Love you all!
Let me know what else you would like to know about for prom.

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