Prom 2014: Things You Need to Know About Prom

Hello my lovelies...Seriously, I am on a schedule now.
I just finished one of my high school classes up so I will be a little more free to write blog posts for you guys. Also, I will be in Seattle for three days next week for a band festival, so if you guys want to see a post or a video on Whats in My Travel Bag, please let me know! I will be posting pictures up on my instagram so if you want to see those, my link is on the right of this post.

So now onto the post!

So I went to prom last year with my boyfriend who was a senior and I learned a lot of things I didn't know about prom.
So while I prepare myself for prom 2014, as well as you guys, here are a few things I learned from my experience at prom last year.

1. Prom Is And Is Not What You Have Heard About.
I am going to be honest with you guys, YES, People do things that are illegal at prom. People do bring alcohol, people do get in fights, there is drama. But, people do not smoke pot, or have sex in the bathroom or any crazy things. Most of the time, there are adults supervising bathrooms and you normally can't leave prom and come back. If you see something that shouldn't be happening, you can ether ignore it or tell a teacher depending on what the situation is.

2. Girls, it is Stressful, Allow Yourself Time To Plan. 
Girls if you are going out to dinner or taking pictures before prom, make sure you plan around a schedule that allows EXTRA time. Schedules never work out the way they should so make sure you allow yourself time to be able to do what you need to. Also, try out your makeup before your magical night. What if it doesn't work out? This will save you the extra stress.

3. If You Can, Get Reservations.
This one is pretty self explanatory but if you don't have reservations, you may risk getting to prom too late or even missing your own prom.

4. Try On Your Dress The Day Before Prom.
I only say this because things can happen to your dress that you didn't notice before, like a small tear or your bra doesn't fit or shows. Make sure it is perfect before you leave.

5. There Will Be Snacks, But Be Prepared If You Have Allergies.
Last year, a girl at my prom had severe allergies and had gotten sick, ruining her prom. If you have allergies like I do, ether make sure you get enough to eat at dinner or pack a granola bar in your clutch or even put it in your dates pocket. My Favorite is the Toasted Coconut Kind bars.

6.Bring Extra Shoes.
Girl, I know you love your 6 inch heels but, you will be tired of them about an hour into prom. I recommend bringing flats because when your out on the dance floor, you don't want someone stepping on your bare feet. Ouch!

7. If you are getting your hair and makeup done, make an appointment.
If your prom is on a Saturday night, be prepared to see more than just you getting ready for prom. If you make an appointment, than you will be at smaller risk for not getting your hair and makeup done.

I hope these tips have helped you! If you have any tips please leave them below!
Love you all.

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