April Favorites 2014

Hello loves.
I apologize for my recent absence. I am finishing up classes for the year and have been very stressed out. Lately, I have taken up drawing again. It relaxes me and calms my stress down.

Also, Yesterday I had prom. It was amazing and I pretty much danced all night long! It was completely worth everything I had gone threw this week. ( I was sick last Friday and am still recovering.) Here are a few edited pictures I came up with from last night.

I had the best time with my group but now I have some business to attend to, April favorites!

So you guys know I love my makeup. For prom this year, I did both my own makeup and hair. Of course as you guys know, I am incredibly pale, and as seen in my prom photos, I actually look tan. This is all thanks to a product i have discovered, The L'Oreal Sublime Tinted Self Tanning lotion. 
Now, as you might read reviews on this product they are not the greatest. Honestly, I believe it is because of the glitter in the product. My routine consists of Taking a shower in which I have shaved legs from the day before, I then exfoliate with doves pomegranate lemon verbena body wash with a loofah. Once I get out, I moisturize with baby Vaseline and then I apply this self tanner in circular motions with gloves on, the gloves are very critical. Whatever is left on the gloves when you are done, you lather the tops of your hands very well. The next day, be sure to shower so the glitter will come off. If you want a more in depth review of this item, I recommend following this link to a video I followed on how to use this product.

So this month I really don't have any makeup favorites. I've been going very light on makeup lately since ive been having less and less time to get ready in the morning, due to little sleep at night. Although, a time saver of mine lately has been my real techniques stippling brush. Along with my Tarte Foundation, the product has been a lot faster to apply to my face and it looks a lot more natural than a foundation brush.

For my skin this month, I have been using bath and body works body butter to keep my skin from peeling. Lately I've noticed a vast improvement in the smoothness of my skin.

This month I went to Seattle with my band class and I've realized I have a few more food favorites.
Since Seattle is known for their coffee, there was more than enough Starbucks to go to. Although, I don't get coffee at Starbucks often because it raises my anxiety, I have really been enjoying their Iced Green Tea with Lemonade. It has a minty flavor with an added twist of tang, and since I only get half the sweetener its only about 45 calories for a venti, and without sweetener or lemonade its 0 calories an still tastes really good. This drink is defiantly going to be a summer favorite of mine.

Another food favorite of mine this month has been Brookside Acai Dark Chocolates. Its defiantly a healthier alternative to a candy bar and they are extremely addicting. I brought them on my trip to Seattle and me and a friend ate them all up. 

A person favorite this month has defiantly been anneorshine. Not only because she tweeted me back about a painting I did, but because she is a truly kind person who loves the support o her fans. She was my inspiration for writing this blog. I love you Anne!

Lastly I have two app favorites for April. The first is PicsArt. You can add overlays and adjust the lighting to the photos on your phone. The third prom photo I posted above, used an overlay I added onto my picture from this app. The next app is VSCO Cam which has the best filters for pictures in my opinion and it is thankfully available for android which Afterlight is not, but will be soon. If you want to know how to do filters and overlays like I do, please let me know!

Guys. Again I apologize for my absences, I really hope you understand. I am working on a new video for you guys that has to do with food an I hope it will be up sometime this month. If you haven't yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, it is halesannexo.
I love you guys and honesty thank you all for following this blog, I'm very proud at how far I've gotten with it in such a little bit of time.
I will post very very soon!
Love you,

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