My Weight Loss Journey + My Tips!

Hello my loves, guess what,
Now is the time i can finally have time to post about life!
I missed this blog so much and I am really glad I now have the free time to get back into blogging.

As well as blogging, my goal this summer is to loose weight. I know I know, Everyone says this.
But lately I have been eating healthier, aware of what I am eating and whats in my food.

So here I am at the Beginning of summer...guys, I can't believe I am going to tell you my weight but, I am 155 Lbs...honestly I feel I don't look that big at all, maybe it's just my body type, my goal is to be around 125-130 by the end of summer. Here is my beginning picture.
Honestly I have the shape to loose weight. I have done it before. I was this weight when I was really young than lost it all, but because I got lazy with my diet, I gained it back.

So what am I doing you ask?

Here are my tips about what to do to loose weight this summer.

1. Eat good carbs such as brown rice pasta or whole wheat breads. Personally, I am gluten free so this eliminates bad carbs as it is. Brown rice pasta is my secret to eating regular pasta. One cup of gluten free brown rice pasta is 200 Calories. Add a little Marinara sauce and a tsp of butter and you have a 270-280 calorie dinner.

2. Drink Water. If you don't drink water your body won;t be rid of the toxins and food left over in the body. You may have heard that 8 cups of water a day is the right amount. I do this by drinking water when I wake up, during breakfast, before lunch, during lunch, during dinner, after dinner, and during snacks throughout the day.

3. Give up the crazy soda and diet drinks. If you are really craving juice or soda, get fizzy water and some fruits and let it sit for 10 to 30 minutes. Also, Bolthouse farms has the best smoothie drinks in my opinion but I also drink it as a meal because it is a smoothie.

4. Don't be a cardio bunny. Yes, cardio helps you burn fat but you will not loose the weight without using weights or doing a different type of exercise. It helps burn fat longer if you use weights, even if you start out with a five, you will continue to burn fat.

5. Try taking a exercise class. Recently, I started taking a pilates class. It has taught me how to be more flexible and breathe properly while working out. Most gyms offer classes.

6. Eat carbs on your off days. I recommend eating the most carbs on your off days from the gym. Your muscles contain a certain type of carbohydrates and on your off days, you are building up strength in the muscle and resting what you have created. Adding carbs back into the muscle helps it recover faster.

7. Don't be afraid to do weights at the gym. I know the buff guys are scary and they are so intimating, trust me ive been there before. But if you never try, you will never succeed.

8. Exercise at least 3 days during the week, but don't workout every single day.

If you have any tips as well please comment down below!
I will be posting frequently with updates and maybe some new recipes!
I love you guys.

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