Forever 21 Natural Palette First Impressions+Review

Hello Everyone!

Today I bought this palette at Forever 21 and was very surprised at the quality. As I explain in my video, This is a cheap palette ($7.80) and has a nice, buttery finish to it. It is not chalky but the lighter shades are slightly more sheen. The Price is completely worth the buy in my book! I stated in my video that you can buy this product online which I later found out you can't but they do have the Smokey version of this palette available. Hopefully you can pick it up at your local Forever 21, I found mine at the little gift are near check out.

As You can see here, these are all the shades with two swatches on top of each other. This picture was taken in the sunlight of my window so you can see the buttery texture and the shimmer from the glittery

Here Is my Breakdown of each color:

1.) Matte Brown/Purple: Very matte in color, perfect to apply to the crease as a definition shade but light enough to use on its own as a smokey shade. vibrant but still slightly sheen.

2.) Dark Purple/Pink Shimmer: A very shimmery shade with specks of gold shimmer. Very vibrant and buttery to the touch.

3.) Dark Green/Brown Shimmer: A dark olive green color with specks of gold shimmer and brown undertones. Best use for crease shade. Extremely vibrant.

4.) Orange/Pink Shimmer: A Medium tone pink with orange undertones. Specks of gold shimmer. Another Buttery shade and very vibrant.

5.) Gold Shimmer: A beautiful gold shimmer with golden undertones. Perfect for a lid shade, on its own or smoked out. Buttery texture, very vibrant.

6.) Light Matte Brown: Matte brown perfect for a beginning crease color. Slightly sheen but will still show up with two layers.

7.) Rose Gold/Pink Shimmer: A beautiful Rose gold color with gold shimmer specks. perfect for a simple lid or pink smokey eye. Very buttery and vibrant.

8.) Lightest Matte Brown: An even lighter matte brown that would be perfect for blending all of the colors out. Very sheen.

9.) Light Pink Shimmer: Light pink color with white shimmery specks. Perfect to brighten the inner corner of your eye. Very light but vibrant in the inner corner.

10.) White Gold Shimmer: A sheen white shade with slight gold specks. Perfect for a eye shadow base, highlighter, or inner corner brightener.

Again, I would recommend this product to you guys, it is a pretty nice palette for a great steal!

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