What it's Like to be in a Long Distance Relationship

As a girl in a long distance relationship, I understand the struggle of being unable to see your boyfriend. 

In the past when we lived close together, there were moments when I did miss Colton, but noting compared to this.

Being far away is hard, you can't hug or kiss (physically anyways, Face Time doesn't count), you can't cuddle and just physically be there for each other, 

Colton Lives 500 miles away from me. As of September 1st, 2015, he left for Spain to walk 500 miles in two months. 

Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly proud of him, I am incredibly happy that he is going on this Major adventure, just like me going to college, 500 miles away from home.

I am so proud of us both.

For anyone out there that is beginning a new adventure and are leaving your loved one behind, here are a few tips I have come to understand.

  • Trust is key. If you can't trust your significant other, you will be in constant worry all the time that they will leave you, cheat on you, or just completely ignore you. Remember, you are in this relationship for a reason. It's not like you originally planned to leave someone you love intentionally, you are starting a new adventure.
  • Try your best to Facetime, Skype, talk on the phone, or even send letters. I sent Colton a letter before he left and he said he was absolutely thrilled to receive it.
  • Send small but meaningful gifts. Colton and i both have matching elephant bracelets. Once we see each other, we are going to trade them, like a way to share our adventures with each other.
  • Be open with each other, if something bothers you, tell your significant other. Talking is the only way of your communication.
  • Support each other in every day. If your boyfriend wants to go to his friends house, don't just say no because you want to talk to him, he will always be there for you, but he needs time for himself too.
  • Don't make him your entire world. He can fill a void in your heart in a special way, but don't make the sadness your entire life. It truly does suck to miss someone, but find yourself. Do things without him/her that make you happy for you and nobody else.

I hope you guys enjoyed listening to my tips. Always remember no matter how long it takes, you both will get through this, it is not for forever. 

Love always

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