Francesca's Collection Review

Hello my loves.

I first want to let you guys know that I haven't been doing very well. On Wednesday I went out to dinner with my parents at Red Robin and I got some cross contamination from their fries. I want to assure you, I'm not hating on Red Robin at all the waitress just didn't realize until after I ordered my food that I had Celiac Disease, so it was an accident. I am home today, not feeling well still so I decided to write a post.

Yesterday, despite feeling nauseous, I went to the mall with my mother to get some spanx for my prom dress and to alter the dress as well, and yes, I will be having a prom series soon!

We were just walking back to Macy's when I spotted a store that I personally have never gone into but always wanted to go into.

The store was Francesca's.

Guys my honest opinion just walking in the store, I am in love.

The clothing was priced very fairly for the amazing quality and if you have a student ID card, you get 10% off of your purchase.

I bought a lovely pair of earrings, which I also posted on my Instagram, and a ADORABLE white infinity scarf with a gold bow pattern, which you can kind of see behind the earrings.

I literally just want to buy all of their clothes and I will defiantly be coming back.The style is mostly from Boho to Wild and Free type clothing and different sizes are available. The woman in the store were very kind and started a conversation with me, honestly more stores should do this. It drew me into the store even more.

Francesca's also sells various home good items and gifts that were very similar to the store Fuego but were more girly and unique. The store almost reminds me of a better price Anthropology.

The accessories were to die for. Ranging from bold statement necklaces to studded earrings. They also had a clearance section, which is were I found my earrings, that had a whole rack of items, ranging from around $2.99 to $10.00. Most items in the store are usually on sale.

All in all I will for sure be returning to Francesca's. It is the first little boutique that caught my eye from nice people and really amazing quality clothing.

You can go onto their online store and but clothing as well.

I completely recommend this store to all of you.
I hope to post on Sunday, let me know what you want to hear about!
Love you all.

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