Review: Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation

Hello loves!
Today I am reviewing Tarte's 12 hour foundation.
If you are wondering, my color is Ivory.

As you may be able to tell if you follow my instagram or twitter, I am very fair skinned. 
Pale as a ghost.
This means it is extremely difficult to find a really good foundation at the drugstore that won't turn my skin orange! 
So I decided, why not spend some extra money and go out to Ulta/Sephora to find the perfect foundation for my skin.

First I went to Ulta.
The ladies at Ulta tried many different foundations and found that Tarte's Amazonian clay worked the best. I told them that I worked in the kitchen for hours during the day and they assured me this foundation would stay on my face. The foundation is natural and 100% Cruelty free! Of course my perfect shade wasn't available, but I did leave with two different primer samples of Benefit and I'm in love with them both.(Review to come)

So I headed down to Sephora and again, my perfect shade was out of stock until Wednesday. Being me I couldn't deal with waiting that long so I asked the lady helping me to see if they could contact another Sephora to see if they had it, thank god they did!

So once I bought my new foundation I was a happy camper.

The next day, Saturday, I had an event for a wedding my culinary school was cooking for, and I decided to put my foundation to the test.

Keep in mind, we had no air in the kitchen, it felt like a sauna the whole 7 hours I was there, running back and forth to help with the food.

Once I left I had fully expected to see my redness on my face to be peaking threw when I got home but all of my makeup was still in tact.

It was the exact same shade, I looked like I had just put on makeup.

I believe this item from Tarte is simply amazing. I would rather spend the extra money for this then buy another foundation that isn't my shade.

I completely recommend this foundation for any skin shade or type.

I for sure recommend this for anyone that has very fair skin because of the quality and I understand completely what you are going threw with your foundation.

Also, I completely recommend going to ether Sephora or Ulta to buy this product and don't be afraid to ask for help when choosing your perfect shade. I know it helped a lot more than choosing the wrong shade and regretting it later on. 

I hope this helped any of you looking to buy this product.
Love you all!

I am not affiliated with Tarte nor am I sponsored by them to talk about this product

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