How To Get and Stay Organized!

Hello my loves!

Recently I went to my closest Office Depot and found a Planner on sale for only $2.00! It inspired me to write a post on how to stay organized. I am not someone who is organized for any matter but recently I have been trying to clean up my life little by little.

1.Keep a Planner/Journal
As I said, recently I bought a planner, mostly for my blog. I have so many other things on my mind such as what homework is due for my math class, when I have a band concert, and when I don;t have culinary school, as you can see it gets all jumbled up. I highly recommend buying a colorful planner because when ever i see it it makes me happy, and to stay organized you can't be lazy. It's like working out, if you don't work out and eat right, your body won't function right and you won't be motivated. I keep a planner to schedule and write down ideas for my blog but a planner can be used for much more such as School, Home, Sports, Activities etc.

2. Don't just write a big list
Writing a big list might seem fast and easy at first, but sometimes you forget things thinking you have already done it. Write down what you need to do on colorful sticky notes so you never forget anything!

3. Buy Your Favorite Color of Home Decor
When ever I walk into a room with bright or even calming colors, I personally feel more organized. It makes the room feel put together even if it truly isn't. Go to Ikea or Home Goods stores and get inspired!

4. Keep Bins for Miscellaneous Work
Even if you are organized, there will always be those papers that never fit anywhere. Buy bins at target that you can label to know what is sort of in the bins.

5. Don't Put to Much Stress on Yourself
Right now, you are probably saying that this is impossible, honestly it's really not. I understand though, I go to 3 different schools, and i write my own blog and I'm only 17. To de-stress have nights where you don't focus on your work and you relax. I take at least one to two nights off from my blog or I do them ahead of time so I have more time on my hands, another reason why a planner is such a good idea to plan ahead You need to calm down and just relax. If your un-organized, check this part of your life, it might be what is causing you un-organization . Like my chef says, Plan your work and work your plan.


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