Maybelline Color Tattoo Review

For a while, I have thought my eyes are too greasy for drugstore eye shadows. I bought a few before but lately they seem to be just blending together and not being exactly what I had wanted in the product. Until Last year when I heard about the new Color Tattoo Metal, I decided to try it out.

This product changed my life.

I now have three colors, Inked in Pink, Tough as Taupe, and Bad to the Bronze

I will apply this ether as a base or even as just a color alone because there is just so much pay off.
Before                                After

As you can see, Just using as a base, it stays on all day and doesn't budge too much, yes as you can see some of it did come off but I did rub my eye right before this picture so that is most likely why. This is the color, Bad to the Bronze.

For Inked in Pink, I also use this as both a color and as a base But I love using a light matte brown to blend into the crease with it.

For Tough as Taupe, I like to use this for a smokey eye shade or even use this as a base for Bad to the Bronze. Sorry it doesn't look like there's much on, I had taken off the other colors and it didn't stick very well with makeup remover still on my lid.


  • Great Coverage
  • Long Lasting
  • Doesn't Crease Easily
  • Easy Application.
If you guys have any type of requests please leave them below!
I love you all!

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